Message from the CEO



Registered in Baghdad – IRAQ  in 2011.

• founded in Iraq 07/20/2011 by Director Manager Omar Mahdi Salah with a group of competent staff, in spite of all the difficulties we were

able to accomplish a lot Of projects for several of Iraqi government

institutions and private sector companies in across the country,

 our goods have several tested by the Ministry of Oil and The Ministry of Electricity to monitor the quality, efficiency and which have been


• Our company deals with a group of Korean companies, which is one of the best companies In the manufacture of electrical equipment.

JISER ABRE AL-MUHEET has a hope for the future.

Recently electricity industry is going through rapid changes such as smart grid, environment-friendly trend, expansion into foreign markets and so forth. JISER ABRE AL-MUHEETis introducing products which incorporate new technologies with technological know-how, which has been accumulated over the long time, and trust of the market, and is focusing on gaining international trust through aggressive marketing overseas. I deeply appreciate your visit of JISER ABRE AL-MUHEET homepage, and hope that you find helpful information in our homepage.

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