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استعدادنا لتصميم وعمل لوحات السيطرة الكهربائية بمختلف الاحجام و المواصفات و حسب الطلب والحاجة , لجميع دوائر الدولة  و القطاع الخاص  و المباني و الدور مع ضمان العمل لمدة سنة من تأريخ التسليم و خدمات ما بعد البيع


The factory is located in Baghdad

- The factory was designed to provide the local market with high quality products suitable for Iraqi environment in order to supply the increased demand on electrical panels for all


-The factory is equipped with modern equipment and the management activities are according to ISO9001.



We have many types of this factory, as the following:

•Sharing Machines , Motor Plate Shear MSC 310/BV, Schechtl Germany

•Motor Bending Machine MAE 310/CNC STouch /Schechtl Germany

•Busbar Bending and cutting Machines 601 Numsung / Korea

•Busbar Bending and cutting Machines 606 Numsung / Korea

•Busbar Bending and cutting Machines CNC Busbar Production/EHRT/Kahrl& Wiemann GmbH

•Bending Machines Novapress BGD5

•Laser solutions for engraving, cutting & marking Gravograph / France

•Laser solutions for engraving and marking Tachifor / Farance

•Engraving CNC Machine 1624 Pro / Vision /USA

•And others machines for welding stud welding

•Machines of wood Packing..


Our tools are supplied by










From Langlois /France


The factory has two lavatories with the following test equipment

•capacitive and inductive loads / Langlosis / France

•inductive loads / Langlosis / France

•resistive loads / Langlosis / France

•Variable resistors load three phases and single phases Langlosis/France

•Variable power three phases / Langlosis / France

•multi-­‐ tap high power , power supply for wide ranges of voltages and current / Langlois / France

•current injectors high power high current 6000A , ISA/ Italy

•three phase current injectors 13000A / Programma /Megger/ Sweden

•secondary current injector / Megger

•sets of Fulke multi-­‐avometers , clamp meters …etc

Products :

1- Low Voltage Distribution Panels

2- Motor Control Centers ( Withdrawable and Fixed Types)

3- ATS control Panels

4- Kiosk ( Package substation 11/0.416KV, 33/0.416KV, 33/11/0.416KV , 3.3KV/0.416KV).

5- Street Lighting Control Panels ( Pillars).

6- 132KV/33/11KV Mobile Substation.

7- Power Factor Correction Panels

8- Chargers And Inverters

9- PLC Panels and SCADA system control panels

10- MIMIC Panels And control desk Panels.

11- Field Instrumentations Pneumatic and electric control panels .

12- Explosion Proof Type Panels of different Hazardous Areas.


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